[Crackship/Fake Movie]: Dark Paradise

Starring: Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal, Saif Ali Khan.

Plot: Savitri (Deepika Padukone) met Arun (Arjun Rampal) when they were in school. He was some years older than her, so he became something like a big brother watching over her and caring for her. They had a fun friendship and enjoyed each others company. Somehow on their way of “growing up” they lost this special connection. One day, Arun gets the invitation for a wedding - Savitri’s wedding. She wants to get married to a man, Kumar (Saif Ali Khan), who isn’t good for her. Arun realizes Savitri has changed for the worst over the years they haven’t seen each other. Kumar brought her to things like alcohol, drugs, partying all night etc. One night, while Kumar and her are out on another crazy party night, she caughts him deceiving her with another woman. They have a bad argument during Kumar beats her really hard. Arun visits her in hospital, telling her, she should leave this man. But she won’t leave him because he apologizes to her. Arun can’t understand how any woman can stay with a man who deceives and beats her and they split. Savitri finally realizes that she can’t live like that anymore and leaves her unfaithful husband, while Arun realizes there’s more than friendship for his best friend Savitri. Is there a way back for them? Will love conquer all?

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#bollywood   #bollywood2   #Deepika Padukone   #arjun rampal   #saif ali khan   #crackship   #fake movie   #gosh this took me so many hours   #I couldn't find matching scenes for so long   #but now I finished it   #I hope you like it   #I'm quite proud of it   #I would really them as couple onscreen   #and Deepika in such a role could be interesting   #mybollywood  
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